【ディプロマ Bloemist License】


Christmas 🎄 Floral Cone

Dear Flower Lover

You love to celebration Christmas with a nice dinner in your house.
Decorate a beautiful Christmas Floral Cone on the dinner table.

This year you like to make a Christmas Floral Cone with mainly fresh materials.
You wonder how and what kind of fresh green and flowers are suitable?
What kind of dish, how to fix the floral foam, how to create a elegant shape cone?

All this questions and more you can find in our new BLOEMIST LICENSE TEXTBOOK 📕.
Full color and step by step. With the material lists and important points to create your most beautiful Christmas Flower Cone for Christmas 🎄 2021

Great love to you from Dorien Flower Design Team: Atsuko Hata & Dorien Roling.

Ps 1) please go to Dorien Flower Design Online Shop
Ps 2) On December 18 you can join the Bloemist License Lesson in our atelier. Please apply by info@dorien-flowerdesign.jp



このような質問は、ブルーミストライセンステキストブックをご覧いただければ、すべてわかっちゃいます。フルカラーでstep by stepの写真もあります。そして、材料リストや、どんなことに気をつければ良いのかもすべて載っています。2021年のクリスマスは、是非クリスマスフローラルコーンを作ってみてください。

Great love to you from Dorien Flower Design Team: Atsuko Hata & Dorien Roling.

ps1) ブルーミストライセンス テキストブックは、ドリーンフラワーデザインオンラインショップで購入できます。
ps2) 12月18日(土)アトリエでフローラルコーンのレッスンを行います。お申し込みお問い合わせは、info@dorien-flowerdesign.jpまでお気軽にどうぞ。

【ディプロマ DFA1】


Flower dreams and DFA diploma!

Dear Flower Lover,

What can I do with the Dutch Flower Arrangement diploma in Tokyo ?

Do you love to share your flower passion to your friends and future students?
Are you dreaming to become a flower instructor?

Flowers in your room gives you a peaceful, happy feeling, especially when you come home from a busy day at work.
Creating beautiful flower arrangements is like nutrition for your soul.
This feeling you want your friends also to experience. Flower Power is so essential for releasing your stress and enjoy the flower power.

When you have the title: Dutch Floral Arranger you can become a Bloemist License Instructor.

Last Sunday we celebrate the 1st anniversary with 11 Bloemist License Instructors in front of Tokyo station (same architecture as Amsterdam central station). On the table we displayed 12 beautiful flower cone in Christmas colors, and wear a flower wristlet. A great way to come together and discus the arrangements with a question and answer session while enjoying delicious food.

You can have a license as well and start teaching with you DFA diploma.

Why you don’t start DFA with the online video lesson step by step tutorials with text 📚 books. Prepare yourself for the examination in 2023.
See link….Dorien Flower Design Online Video Lesson

Great Love from Dorien Flower Design team: Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

ps) Have a look in the Bloemist License textbook with 16 beautiful design step by step and full color book – order now → Bloemist License Textbook Dorien Flower Design Online shop






DFAはオンラインビデオレッスンで学ぶことができます。step by stepのテキストブックもついています。2023年のDFA試験に向けて準備が始められます。 See link….Dorien Flower Design Online Video Lesson

Great Love from Dorien Flower Design team: Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

ps) ブルーミストライセンセうテキストブック:16デザインの作り方掲載、フルカラーブックです。ドリーンフラワーデザイン オンラインショップで購入できます。
order now → Bloemist License Textbook Dorien Flower Design Online shop



Wreaths, Wreaths and Wreaths.

Dear Flower Lover,

Wreaths, Wreaths and Wreaths I love wreaths especially with Christmas on my door.
Here 3 different wreaths and their foundation.
1) Wreaths hanging on the door: made from straw, natural vines or iron rings.
2) Wreaths for on the table: in a ceramic wreath, floral foam, iron ring, natural branches.
3) Wreaths hanging from the ceiling: foundation made of straw, iron ring, natural branches.
Christmas table wreaths with candles are very nice to display on the table. In the Netherlands we love to lit candles especially when it is dark and cold outside.
Christmas wreath with 4 big candles hanging from the ceiling is used in the Catholic churches. A candle is lit on each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas, 28 November, 5,12,19 December. Christmas day all candles are lighted again to celebrate Christmas.
Which Wreath do you love to make? Please let me know.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Great Love from Dorien Flower Design team: Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

Ps 1) In the Netherlands we don’t have mountains – no earth quicks so it’s safe to use candles.
Ps 2) Please watch our YouTube Channel for flower power inspiration.

1) ドアに飾るリース:  藁の土台、つる、アイアンリングなど
2) テーブルリース:   陶器のリースベース、フローラルフォーム、アイアンリング、つるや枝など
3) 天井から吊るすリース:藁の土台、アイアンリング、つるや枝など

ドリーンフラワーデザインのクリスマスリースレッスンは12/4 (sat) 10:00-12:00です。残席1となっております。お早めのお申し込みお待ちしています。(画像はイメージです)

Ps 1) オランダには山がありません。だから地震もないのでキャンドルを灯しても大丈夫。
Ps 2) フラワーパワーインスピレーションのために、ドリーンフラワーデザインYouTubeチャンネルをご覧ください!
Dorien Flower Design YouTube Channel

【ドリーン・トレンディ ワークショップ】



Dear Flower Lover,
How wonderfull it is to be able to explain your feeling via flower design.,
On our newest YouTube turtorial I made a flower pallet, like a living art on the wall.,
Every week I place new flowers in the tubes after cleaning them and put fresh water with flower food.,
Please have a look and make one flower pallet by yourself, place your photo on our FB, I love to see your creations!,
YouTube Flower Pallet

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.,
Great Love from Dorien Flower Design Team, Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.,
YouTube Flower Pallet

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