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Postponed & FLOWER POWER

Dear Flower Lover

I was so proud to announce that we have 20 students + our DPFD Dutch Professional Floral Design Association members to celebrate 🎉 our (A)DFA Diploma ceremony at the Netherlands 🇳🇱 embassy 14 April …..
But because of the corona virus they can only allow events with max 10 people ……till end of April 2020.
We will postpone our ceremony and hope the virus will calm down soon.
In the Netherlands all schools, restaurant, hairdressers end so on are closed.
Flower shops are very busy to deliver flowers- Dutch people love flowers what gives a relaxed atmosphere.
Let’s enjoy the ❤️ quiet moment ❤️connect with your friends moments ❤️Inside dialogue moment ❤️Let’s send out loving energy to all who suffer from this corona virus❤️.
Let’s focus on what we can do today, what can you do today?
Relax, Smile & Enjoy the Flower Power.

Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team 🌷🌹❤️


Tools 3

Dear Flower Lover

Tie rips is a very quick way to fix things together.
We are using this technique in the ADFA Advance Dutch Flower Arrangement course. You can fix the tie ripe with this special tool.
Please look on our FB for short demonstration how to use and the difference between this 2 tools.

Ps) Bought on-line: Blue ¥1.000 Gray ¥12.000.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love 💕 Dorien Roling Flower Power Team🌹🇳🇱❤️


Tools 2

Dear Flower Lover,

To enjoy fresh flowers as long as possible, professional Knowledge is essential.

No. 2) Florist Knife or pair of scissors?
I advice you to use a Florist knife for fresh flowers, you can make a very clean smooth sharp slanted cut, without damaging the inside stem.
For thick branches & strong stems I do advise to use a pair of scissors. You can cut the stem slanted. But for delicate flowers the stem will squeeze a bit / little damage what reduce the ease to uptake water. Especially when we use floral foam technique. Point: When we use floral foam technique I do recommend a florist knife- beside the slanted cut you also can cut the unwanted thicker parts. Please clean your tools after use.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team


Tools 1.

Dear Flower Lover

Good tools are essential and a pleasure for us professional Flower Designers to use;

1) Wire cutter
Especially used for cutting a bunch of wires while making a bridal bouquet wire technique.
Point: Cut the wire handle on the preferable length while making the bouquet- this makes it easier to cut the thick wires.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team🌹🇳🇱❤️

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