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Dear Flower Lover,

At the age of 16 I started study Dutch Flower Arrangements.
I loved the smell of the flowers, the colors, the shapes and was very eager to learn making bridal bouquets, corsages, hand tied bouquet, church arrangements, funeral arrangements and so on. I was very lucky to have very passionate teachers. Especially technique I love.
Beside the 4 basic designs in the examination there is one free design. I choose a wall decoration, where I made the foundation from wood 1.7 m tall. This Dutch Flower Arrangement course and examination you can take in The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan by one of the license schools. I have the most beautiful job in the world and still love to challenge myself creating new design, different color combinations and techniques.

If you Love flowers like me, please check out my free shoulder corsage video on our HP. We have 26 DFA videos step by step and 26 textbooks where you can check by yourself the technique and design. Language: English, Japanese and Chinese. The new DFA Blend course will start 6 March 2022. We love to hear from you if you have any question.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.

Great Love form Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

このダッチフラワーアレンジメントコースは、オランダの他に、日本、韓国、香港、台湾などのライセンス校で受験することができます。 私は自分の仕事が楽しくて誇りを持っています。そして未だに新しいデザインを創り出すこと、カラーコンビネーション、テクニックにチャレンジしています。



Postponed & FLOWER POWER

Dear Flower Lover

I was so proud to announce that we have 20 students + our DPFD Dutch Professional Floral Design Association members to celebrate 🎉 our (A)DFA Diploma ceremony at the Netherlands 🇳🇱 embassy 14 April …..
But because of the corona virus they can only allow events with max 10 people ……till end of April 2020.
We will postpone our ceremony and hope the virus will calm down soon.
In the Netherlands all schools, restaurant, hairdressers end so on are closed.
Flower shops are very busy to deliver flowers- Dutch people love flowers what gives a relaxed atmosphere.
Let’s enjoy the ❤️ quiet moment ❤️connect with your friends moments ❤️Inside dialogue moment ❤️Let’s send out loving energy to all who suffer from this corona virus❤️.
Let’s focus on what we can do today, what can you do today?
Relax, Smile & Enjoy the Flower Power.

Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team 🌷🌹❤️


2020 ADFA/DFA 試験合格おめでとうございます!

2020年2月16日 世田谷市場会議室にて、オランダ国家認定資格ADFA/DFA試験を行いました。
ADFA 2名 合格
DFA 5名 合格



2020 ADFA/DFA 試験 FB Photo Album


3/14 (sat) DFAオープンスクール
3/15 (sun) ADFAオープンスクール
3/1 (sun) ブルーミストインストラクター1dayレッスン



Tools 1.

Dear Flower Lover

Good tools are essential and a pleasure for us professional Flower Designers to use;

1) Wire cutter
Especially used for cutting a bunch of wires while making a bridal bouquet wire technique.
Point: Cut the wire handle on the preferable length while making the bouquet- this makes it easier to cut the thick wires.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team🌹🇳🇱❤️


Speed Skating, Flower Arrangement and Holland Lover‼︎

Dear Flower Lover

She was standing…and watching our flower arrangement booth. She looked slightly different….
“Who is that young lady standing there?”
I asked ….Hata sensei.
“I don’t know.” she replied.

That was our first meeting with the speed skating and flower arrangement loving lady.
Her name was Yoshimura Naho san and she visited the Netherlands several times to watch speed skating races. During that she got interested in Dutch flower arrangement and the Netherlands itself. She started to take lessons at Dorien Flower Design and passed the Dutch Flower Arrangement exam.
With this diploma she was ready to make her own bouquet for her wedding in the Netherlands in May 2019.

After the DFA graduation ceremony at the Dutch embassy she followed her dream and moved from Tokyo to the Netherlands. While working at a Japanese food company she continued studying flower arrangement in Diny’s flower shop in Gouda.

Yoshimura san kept following her dreams…
And her dream story didn’t end there, they are expecting…

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power

Love from Dorien Roling Flower Passion Team.🇳🇱🌹





DFA Examination & DFA Open Lesson

Dear Flower Lover

河津桜, 河津桜, 河津桜 beautiful河津桜!!!
Do you also love 河津桜 so much? 梅の花の香りも大好きですよね。
I can’t stop taking photos of this beautiful nature flower explosion. 元気Flower Power!!

The new graduate Dutch Flower Arrangers where very very happy with passing the DFA examination last month.
Yes already for 25 Years;
You can study Dutch Flower Arrangement in Japan &
Yes you can take the international DFA examination in Tokyo or Amsterdam, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto 😉 &
Yes you can start today with the brand new ON-LINE lesson &
Yes we are going to celebrate this success with all the brand new Dutch Floral Designers & celebrate our 25 th anniversary at the Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo this April enjoying the Tulips in full bloom.

Do your like to learn the best technique and beautiful Dutch Flower Arrangement is this what you are dreaming off?
Welcome to join our Open lesson day DFA Dutch Flower Arrangement in our atelier in Yokohama.
I love teaching and meeting you, come a feel, see and smell if this is what makes you happy!
Dates open lesson below;

オープンレッスン DFA 2019;
1日―2レッスン 10;00 – 16;00
• March 23 Saturday
• May 19 Sunday
• June 6 Sunday
• July 7 Sunday
• September 22 Sunday
• October 12 Saturday

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power

Love from Dorien Roling

東京、アムステルダム、大阪、神戸、京都でオランダの国際ライセンス DFAを受験できます。


1日2レッスン 10::00 – 16:00 3/23 (土)
5/19 (日)
6/6 (日)
7/7 (日)
9/22 (日)


DFA Online Video Lesson

Dear Flower Lover

Yes our Dorien team did it!!!
I am so grateful!! Now you can study Dutch flower arrangement at your own location.
We launched our ON-LINE video lesson. 26 Dutch Flower Arrangement videos where I demonstrate each arrangement step by step.
Beside the videos you can download your digital textbook. Color photos and illustration step by step how to make it.
You can start today, get your flowers, watch the video, and use your digital textbook on your PC, iPad, iPhone or smart phone.
After finish your arrangement you can check you arrangement according the Technique check list, and Design check list. After completed the arrangements you can get the Dutch Flower Arrangement Certificate by Dorien Flower Design.
I am so excited about this ON-LINE video lesson, what is in Japanese and English. I cannot wait to welcome you to our close FB group where you can ask your questions and post your photos.

Question from my student;
1) Can I download this PDF textbooks only one time? No you can download the PDF files 365 days.
2) Beside downloading the textbooks on my PC can I also watch this on my iPad and iPhone? Yes you can watch on I-pad, I-phone.
3) Do I need the certificate before I participate in the DFA open examination? No, you can join the open DFA examination without the certificate.
4) How long can I see the videos? The videos you can see 365 days any time as much as you like.

Try it out – if this is what you are waited for; FREE Shoulder corsage video https://dorien-flowerdesign.jp

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.

Love Dorien Roling


1) PDFテクストブックのダウンロードは1回のみですか?  1年間365日、何度でもダウンロードしていただけます。
2) PCだけでなく、タブレットやスマートフォンでもテクストブックはダウンロードできますか?見ることができますか? はい、できます。
3) DFAのオープン受験前に、オンラインビデオレッスン修了証が必要ですか? いいえ。修了証がなくてもオープン受験していただけます。
4) ビデオ視聴はどれくらいできますか? 1年間365日見放題です。

オンラインビデオレッスンのうちの1つ ショルダーコサージュの動画がフリーで視聴いただけます。
是非ご視聴ください。  https://dorien-flowerdesign.jp


Flowers & video message

Dear Flower Lover

​​​Tokyo & Amsterdam ​10.000 km​.​ between us​.​
She LOVES flowers and that is easy to arrange for me.
My florist friend make a flower bouquet with my mothers favorite flowers.
She deliver them, and instead of the message card I make a video message.
So my mother get fresh flowers and a short video. What a great way to make her happy​​!

Flower power makes people happy.
Do you like to study Dutch Flower Arrangement?
Last call for our OPEN LESSON day 16 June.
In the morning I will show you what kind of beautiful flower design you are going to master, and in the afternoon you will make a hand tied bouquet . Welcome to join !!

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love Dorien.



Dear Flower lover

Time for celebrating from YOU CAN DO IT to YOU DID IT !!!
The Dutch Flower Arrangement examination is not easy, technique, design and the time limit need a lot of practice to succeed this examination.

All the new fresh Dutch Flower Arrangers and the Advance Dutch Flower Arrangers got their Diploma from agriculture counselor Dr.Evert Jan Krajenbrink at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo 10 April.
The students are so happy and I am so proud of them. One year study and a lot of homework – 100% passed !!

Since 1994 we organize the professional Dutch Flower Arrangement examination in Tokyo.
This diploma is recognized by the Netherlands government and the VBW national florist organization.
The next step can be our Advance DFA course and or join the EFDA Instructor course what I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are a teacher!!

You are welcome to join our newly Dutch Flower Arrangement course in our Yokohama atelier on June 16 DFA OPEN SCHOOL.
For info; http://dorien-flowerdesign.jp or e-mail; info@dorien-flowerdesign.jp or call; 090-4028-1427 Dorien.

Lets enjoy the flower power and learn new techniques and designs. Looking forwards seeing you in our atelier.

Love Dorien Roling


His camera is coming so very close to my arrangement!!

Are you too enjoying the Sakura petals dancing in the air​, it gives me butterfly feelings in my belly.😃

Last Saturday 31 March we took the last 2 arrangements videos 🙂 🙂 :)now Shimizu san is working with full power on editing and I am writing the text documents. This will be in English and Japanese.
I hope this videos will help you to make beautiful DFA arrangement by your self. I will ad a self check list so that you can evaluate your own arrangement.

You cant wait to see it I know >FROM 1 OCTOBER 2018 it will be ON-LINE.😃 Taking step by step photos of flower arrangement for my books is something total different then taking video!!!!

The video camera man has to do booth and taking video from all angles ..(his camera is coming so so so very very VERY close to me and my arrangement….) and he has to take step by step photos for the text documents.
I am very impressed by the skills of my just graduated fresh video camera man and director. This very exciting video project needs a great team spirit Hata Atsuko sensei EFDA DFA INSTRUCTOR was the director of the video project and closely watch each video shot from Tsuchiya Shodo kun – what is important and where to focus.
Standing up 4;00 am buying flowers at the flower auction market in Tokyo, driving to the atelier and put all the flowers in water with Chrysal. We love to take care of top quality flowers and make top quality DFA arrangement.
All the arrangement are exact as in the matrix of the international DFA examination, ready to put in the examination room be judged. 😃 and get 10 points!!?? We have a great job working with FRESH FLOWERS.
I am feeling blessed to be able to work with my great video crew.

As you can not wait to see the first video I can not wait to hear your comments!!! Will be continued.

Enjoy the Sakura dance !!! Love from Dorien