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Do you miss me and the Flower Power ?

Dear Flower Lover,(日本語文下記にあり)

I Miss You!! I Miss your Flower Power!!
Got this message from a former student.
Her message stimulated me to go LIVE on Instagram.

16 September Saturday 14:00 ~ 14:30
Live on Dorien Flower Design Instagram account

How wonderful it is to connect globally with all Flower Lovers.
I love to connect with you LIVE and I love to answer any questions.
See you LIVE from Atelier coming Saturday 14:00 Japan time.
(7:00 am in the Netherlands)

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.

Great Love from Hata and Dorien

ドリーン先生に会いたいです!! ドリーン先生のフラワーパワーが恋しいです!!

ドリーンフラワーデザインインスタグラム でライブ配信します

9月16日 日本時間土曜14:00にアトリエからLIVEでお会いしましょう。

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.

Great Love from Hata and Dorien


Dancing Flower Designer

Dear Flower Lover,

Did you had a nice spring holiday?
Could you meet your family & friends again?
I realized that I really missed that live connection. Talking, laughing, singing and crying together. I felt a deep appreciation and more closer relationship after long absence.

With mama Ria we use video calling on pc big screen. So we can see each other even 10.000 km away. So thankful for this technology.

The Flower Power kept us moving, sharing this daily on Instagram by Atsuko Hata and we made more than 88 free tutorial on YouTube.

To stay motivated and to laugh, dance and sing, I accepted my new title: “Dancing Flower Designer”.
No I am not a dancer nor singer but I can make beautiful flower designs.
Our energy is going up, dancing with the flower powered bouquets.

Do you like to dance, sing and create beautiful flower designs with us?

“Pretty woman” bouquet is the first Dancing Flower Designer video – please watch Instagram and the tutorial on youtube.
Let’s keep dancing!!

Great Love from Dorien.






Ambassador’s Residence Public Tulip Garden Viewing

Dear Flower Lover,

Are you free coming Friday 8 or Sunday 10 April? Do you love Tulips 🌷?
The Netherlands 🇳🇱 is famous for their Tulips 🌷 especially “Keukenhof” the biggest Tulip garden in the world. But you don’t need fly ✈️ to enjoy beautiful Tulips 🌷.
The Netherlands 🇳🇱 embassy in Tokyo, hold a Public Tulip garden viewing.
I was invited last Monday, the residents was also beautiful with fresh Tulips displayed in every room.
I am sure you will enjoy the garden and the residents of the Dutch ambassador Peter van der Vliet filled with beautiful interior designed by Dutch artists.
Please be sure to check the website before going.


Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Tulips Flower Power.
Love to hear from you after your visit.

Great love from Dorien Flower Design Team: Atsuko Hata & Dorien Röling.

今週4/8(FRI)か4/10(SUN)時間ありますか? チューリップ好きですか?
オランダのアーティストによるインテリアで、Peter van der Vliet大使公邸は本当に素敵です。




How do you keep this flowers fresh?

Dear Flower Lover,

How do you keep this flowers fresh?
You use cold glue technique?
This questions I got from a German lady who loved my shoulder corsage.

3 magic tips to keep your corsage flowers fresh even without water supply for several days.

1) Before start making the corsage be sure the Flowers got fully water uptake.
2) Spray the flowers with a special coating spray, then start to create the corsage.
3) After finish the corsage spray lightly with the coating spray. (too much spray will influence the cold glue job)

I use Smithers- Oasis finishing touch or Chrysal Professional Glory for all my fresh flower designs to keep them in top condition.
You can buy this at the auction Flower market or ask your local florist.

Let’s enjoy the fresh flowers as long as possible.
Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.

Great Love from Dorien Flower Design, Dorien Röling

Free online video lesson- shoulder corsage click here.



1) コサージュを作る前に、お花はしっかりと水揚げすること。
2) お花にたっぷりフローラルミスト(花に特別なコーティングをする)をスプレーして、コサージュを作り始める。
3) コサージュが出来上がった後は、フローラルミストを軽くスプレーする。(フローラルミストをたくさんスプレーすると、コールドグルーがはがれてしまうことがあるため)

私はいつも、スミザーズオアシスのオアシス フィニッシングタッチか、クリザールのプロフェッショナルグローリーを使っています。

フリーオンラインビデオレッスン ショルダーコサージュはこちらからご試聴いただけます。


Wreaths, Wreaths and Wreaths.

Dear Flower Lover,

Wreaths, Wreaths and Wreaths I love wreaths especially with Christmas on my door.
Here 3 different wreaths and their foundation.
1) Wreaths hanging on the door: made from straw, natural vines or iron rings.
2) Wreaths for on the table: in a ceramic wreath, floral foam, iron ring, natural branches.
3) Wreaths hanging from the ceiling: foundation made of straw, iron ring, natural branches.
Christmas table wreaths with candles are very nice to display on the table. In the Netherlands we love to lit candles especially when it is dark and cold outside.
Christmas wreath with 4 big candles hanging from the ceiling is used in the Catholic churches. A candle is lit on each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas, 28 November, 5,12,19 December. Christmas day all candles are lighted again to celebrate Christmas.
Which Wreath do you love to make? Please let me know.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Great Love from Dorien Flower Design team: Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

Ps 1) In the Netherlands we don’t have mountains – no earth quicks so it’s safe to use candles.
Ps 2) Please watch our YouTube Channel for flower power inspiration.

1) ドアに飾るリース:  藁の土台、つる、アイアンリングなど
2) テーブルリース:   陶器のリースベース、フローラルフォーム、アイアンリング、つるや枝など
3) 天井から吊るすリース:藁の土台、アイアンリング、つるや枝など

ドリーンフラワーデザインのクリスマスリースレッスンは12/4 (sat) 10:00-12:00です。残席1となっております。お早めのお申し込みお待ちしています。(画像はイメージです)

Ps 1) オランダには山がありません。だから地震もないのでキャンドルを灯しても大丈夫。
Ps 2) フラワーパワーインスピレーションのために、ドリーンフラワーデザインYouTubeチャンネルをご覧ください!
Dorien Flower Design YouTube Channel


How do you keep the Roses fresh?

How do you keep the flowers and especially the Roses fresh?
Marie-Jose from the Netherlands asked me.
This type is new for me, I love to make this bridal bouquet for my daughters wedding she wrote.

The 7 important points for a hand tied bridal bouquet:
1) After purchased the flowers, remove the leaves (no leaves in the water), cut the stems 3/5 cm. slanted and put them in water with cut flower food.
2) Place them in a cool dark place and if necessary wrap them with newspaper.
3) After a few hours you can start creating the bridal bouquet. One day before the wedding.
4) Keep the stems/ handle length minimum 10 cm.
5) On the wedding day fix ribbon around the stems and keep the underpart 5 cm free.
6) Spray the bouquet with coating mist to keep the flowers in top condition.
7) For transportation place the bouquet in an glass vase with jelly/water to keep them fresh.

Success making the bridal bouquet.
Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Great Love from Dorien Roling.


1) お花を買った後、葉を取り除く(水に入る部分には葉がないこと)、3-5cmステムを斜めにカットし、切り花栄養剤を入れた清潔な水に入れる。
2) 冷暗な場所に置き、必要であれば新聞紙を巻いておく。
3) 2-3時間後しっかり水があがったら、ブライダルブーケを束ねることができる。ウェディングの前日も可。
4) ブーケの持ち手は10cm以上で束ねる。
5) ウェディング当日、持ち手にリボンを巻き、リボンより下は5cm程茎がでるようにする。
6) フローラルミストをブーケにスプレーする。
7) ブーケを会場まで運ぶ際には、少しだけ水か補水ゼリーをいれたガラスベース などに入れておく。



Is “green sponge” reusable?

Dear Flower Lover,

Her friend gave her a beautiful flower arrangement in orange, red and green colors designed in a orange basket.
She enjoyed the flower power so much it gave her a peaceful feeling when she came home from work. Now 10 days later the flowers where gone.
It looks like easy to make so she decided to buy beautiful flowers and re-use the “green sponge” floral foam. But it was not that easy that she thought, it was the first time to make a flower arrangement for her.
This was the moment that she really like to learn how to make a flower arrangement.

Her questions:

Q1) Why floral foam is not re-usable?
A1) All the holes and loose structure after used makes it difficult to create a beautiful arrangement. And the bacteria will reduce the live of the flowers tremendously.

Q2) How can I improve the live of the flowers with floral foam?
A) Use flower food in the water before putting in the floral foam and by the refill.

Q3) Ones the flower foam is soaked with water, can it be dry up and use it later?
A3) No, after it dried up it is unable to uptake water again.

PS) 1 September 2021 Smithers-Oasis launches OASIS TerraBrick Floral Media.
Plant-based, and a compostable binder. Certified OK compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTIAL. Not yet available in Japan.
more info:terrabrick.oasisfloral.com

Dorien Flower Design is using the Bio Floral Foam. Available in Japan Since June 2018.
Biodegrade for 51% within 1 year and 85% within 3 years in biologically active landfill conditions.

RELAX, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power!
Great Love to you from Dorien Flower Design team; Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

彼女は友達からオレンジ、赤、グリーンのお花がアレンジされたオレンジのバスケットをもらいました。 仕事から帰ってお花を見るとホッとした気持ちになり、フラワーパワーを感じていたそうです。
ただ刺すだけだと思っていたのに、うまくいかなかったのです。彼女にとってはそれが初めてのフラワーアレンジメントでした。 彼女がフラワーアレンジメントを勉強してみようと思ったきっかけでした。


Q1) フローラルフォームはどうして再利用できないの?
A1) 一度お花を刺したフローラルフォームには穴がたくさん空いており、崩れている部分もあります。形がくずれているフローラルフォームに、アレンジを綺麗に作ることはできません。また、バクテリアが発生しお花の寿命を短くしてしまいます。

Q2) 新しいフローラルフォームを使ったとき、お花を少しでも長く楽しむにはどうしたらいいの?
A2) フローラルフォームを給水させる水に、切り花栄養剤を入れましょう。

Q3) 一度給水させたフローラルフォームを乾燥させて、あとで使うことはできるの?
A3) できません。一度乾燥してしまうと、お水を給水しなくなってしまいます。

p.s.) 2021.9.1からスミザースオアシスからオアシス テラブリックフローラルフォームが発売されました。植物素材で、使用後堆肥として土に返すことができます。日本ではまだ発売未定だそうです。

more info:terrabrick.oasisfloral.com



I couldn’t Focus

Dear Flower Lover,

I couldn’t focus on making my coffee bouquet when we went LIVE on INSTAGRAM last Sunday.
Making a bouquet I CAN DO but also speaking in Japanese, English and Smiling and worry about if the audience could here Hata san her voice.
And what you as audience can’t see is the face of Hata san ): that the bouquet is not so good……..
After the LIVE Instagram I just made it again and got a (:.
Focus, focus and focus on making your design is the key of a successful design.
But if you go LIVE then the interaction with the audience is essential…. I will keep practicing because I really want a (: from you and Hata san.
Practice practice and practice will make the Master. And I don’t give up!!!

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Great Love from Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

視聴者にはHataさんの顔が見えていない ): ブーケはきれいにできなかたった….
インスタグラムライブ終了後、作り直したら綺麗にできました。 (:


Coffee Bouquet

Dear Flower Lovers

Can I help you? Asked Anne from Groen Flora flower shop in Bilthoven.
Yes 2 Dorientjes please answered the customer. This is a mini mini bouquet what I start making with the remaining short flowers.
Long time ago in 1988. When I left the shop to go to Tokyo to start De Master Flower School, they continue to make this bouquet and they give them my name Dorientje.

This mini mini bouquet are trendy nowadays and I made one YouTube tutorial. One follower from the Netherlands commented that they call this a Coffee bouquet. She buy every week a coffee bouquet for herself she wrote. My mother got a set of 2 for her birthday. So nice to see the trend continues from 33 years ago. Please have a look on YouTube and try it yourself.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Great Love from Dorien Roling.

何になさいますか?オランダのビルトホーフェンのGroen Flora フラワーショップのAnneがお客さんに尋ねると、Dorientjes(ドリーンちゃん)2つお願いとお客さんは答えます。このDorientjes(ドリーンちゃん)とは、私が働いていた当時、残ったお花で束ねたミニミニブーケのことなんです。
1988年、そのショップを辞めて東京に移り、デ・マスターフラワースクールで講師として働き始めましたが、Groen FloraではまだミニブーケをDorientjeとして取り扱っているんです。


Dorien Flower Design YouTube ミニブーケ



Dear Flower Lover

The Sunflowers 🌻 where rocking popular. Thank you very much for your likes on Instagram, FB and YouTube!! 💛
FLOWER FITNES it is with more than 50 stems!!!! Thank you very much 🙏❤️!!!
So here we have it all:
1) Body →👉 Flower fitness.
2) Mind →👉 Vitamin F, Happy relaxing vibration.
3) Spirit → 👉 Feeling connect with Mother Earth and the universe.

Have a great day, and stay healthy.
Great Love 💛🌻🧡 from Dorien Roling.

ひまわりのブーケ、Instagram, FB, YouTubeですごく人気です。いいね!してくれたみなさんありがとう。
1) 身体 → フラワーフィットネス
2) 心 → ビタミンF(フラワー), ハッピーでリラックスできるビタミン
3) 精神 → 母なる地球と宇宙とつながる感覚


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