I couldn’t Focus

Dear Flower Lover,

I couldn’t focus on making my coffee bouquet when we went LIVE on INSTAGRAM last Sunday.
Making a bouquet I CAN DO but also speaking in Japanese, English and Smiling and worry about if the audience could here Hata san her voice.
And what you as audience can’t see is the face of Hata san ): that the bouquet is not so good……..
After the LIVE Instagram I just made it again and got a (:.
Focus, focus and focus on making your design is the key of a successful design.
But if you go LIVE then the interaction with the audience is essential…. I will keep practicing because I really want a (: from you and Hata san.
Practice practice and practice will make the Master. And I don’t give up!!!

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Great Love from Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

視聴者にはHataさんの顔が見えていない ): ブーケはきれいにできなかたった….
インスタグラムライブ終了後、作り直したら綺麗にできました。 (:



Coffee Bouquet

Dear Flower Lovers

Can I help you? Asked Anne from Groen Flora flower shop in Bilthoven.
Yes 2 Dorientjes please answered the customer. This is a mini mini bouquet what I start making with the remaining short flowers.
Long time ago in 1988. When I left the shop to go to Tokyo to start De Master Flower School, they continue to make this bouquet and they give them my name Dorientje.

This mini mini bouquet are trendy nowadays and I made one YouTube tutorial. One follower from the Netherlands commented that they call this a Coffee bouquet. She buy every week a coffee bouquet for herself she wrote. My mother got a set of 2 for her birthday. So nice to see the trend continues from 33 years ago. Please have a look on YouTube and try it yourself.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Great Love from Dorien Roling.

何になさいますか?オランダのビルトホーフェンのGroen Flora フラワーショップのAnneがお客さんに尋ねると、Dorientjes(ドリーンちゃん)2つお願いとお客さんは答えます。このDorientjes(ドリーンちゃん)とは、私が働いていた当時、残ったお花で束ねたミニミニブーケのことなんです。
1988年、そのショップを辞めて東京に移り、デ・マスターフラワースクールで講師として働き始めましたが、Groen FloraではまだミニブーケをDorientjeとして取り扱っているんです。


Dorien Flower Design YouTube ミニブーケ

【ディプロマ DFA1】



Dear Flower Lover,

At the age of 16 I started study Dutch Flower Arrangements.
I loved the smell of the flowers, the colors, the shapes and was very eager to learn making bridal bouquets, corsages, hand tied bouquet, church arrangements, funeral arrangements and so on. I was very lucky to have very passionate teachers. Especially technique I love.
Beside the 4 basic designs in the examination there is one free design. I choose a wall decoration, where I made the foundation from wood 1.7 m tall. This Dutch Flower Arrangement course and examination you can take in The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan by one of the license schools. I have the most beautiful job in the world and still love to challenge myself creating new design, different color combinations and techniques.

If you Love flowers like me, please check out my free shoulder corsage video on our HP. We have 26 DFA videos step by step and 26 textbooks where you can check by yourself the technique and design. Language: English, Japanese and Chinese. The new DFA Blend course will start 6 March 2022. We love to hear from you if you have any question.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.

Great Love form Atsuko Hata and Dorien Roling.

このダッチフラワーアレンジメントコースは、オランダの他に、日本、韓国、香港、台湾などのライセンス校で受験することができます。 私は自分の仕事が楽しくて誇りを持っています。そして未だに新しいデザインを創り出すこと、カラーコンビネーション、テクニックにチャレンジしています。


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