【ディプロマ Bloemist License】


The first Bloemist License Instructors

Dear Flower Lover

The year of the cow 2021 is started, new ideas, new me, new you, every day we can created new designs and make new choices I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

We are very proud of our 9 new BLOEMSIT LICENSED INSTRUCTORS they passed the first examination last October.
The Bloemist Licensed Instructors are going to start teaching in their location from spring 2021.
Jimbo Sayuri sensei,
Katsumata Naoko sensei,
Kawabata Fumie sensei,
Kobayashi Junko sensei,
Matsubara Tomoko sensei,
Kumabe Tamae sensei,
Sakuragi Yoshie sensei,
Schalkwijk Kazumi sensei,
Shibuya Atsumi sensei.
And our Dorien Flower Design DFA member schools:
Kato Keiko sensei,
Miyashita Ayako sensei
and Dorien Flower Design teacher Atsuko Hata sensei.
Total 12 teacher!!!! So great to share the Flower Power Wave to make people smile, happy and warm their heart.
And you know it….we are here for you every day with fresh flower power energy:

http://www.youtube.com/DorienFlowerDesign every Thursday.
ps 1) Please share our sns addresses with your friends who may also need some flower power?
ps 2) Bloemist lesson date at Dorien Flower Design Yokohama atelier; 27 February, Garden Style arrangement. For reservations please email to; E-mail; info@dorien-flowerdesign.jp
ps 3) Soon our HP will be updated with all the links to the Bloemist Licensed Instructors, 12 location in Japan. Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power Wave

Great Love for you, from Dorien Roling






http://www.youtube.com/DorienFlowerDesign every Thursday.
ps 1) SNSアドレスをお友達やフラワーパワーを必要としている知り合いにシェアしてください。
ps 2) ドリーンフラワーデザインのブルーミストレッスンは、2月27日(土)に横浜アトリエで行います。ガーデンスタイルのバスケットアレンジメントです。お申し込みお問い合わせは info@dorien-flower-design.jpまでお願いします。
ps 3) HP を近日中に更新し、ブルーミストライセンスインストラクターの所在地を公開予定です。

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power Wave




Dear Flower Lover


ドリーンフラワーデザインでは「Let’s share the Flower Power Wave フラワーパワーウェーブをシェアしよう」をスローガンに楽しくやっていきますので、2021年もよろしくお願いします。


【ドリーン・トレンディ ワークショップ】


Less Suffering with Fresh Flowers?

Dear Flower Lover

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and genki.
Changing channel, focus on the positive things, doing my best. Watering my positive seeds and of all people around me.
The world where 360.000 Babies are Born Each Day – NEW Life, New Energy on Mother Earth is changing in a better more beautiful clean world. Let’s focus on what we can do. For me; touching flowers, feeling flowers, smelling flowers, hearing flowers, creating flower arrangements result in Less Suffering – It makes me happy to focus on fresh flowers, especially now in the Corona pandemic.

I am so happy to be able to share my flower passion, and pass the baton on too all the BLOEMIST LICENSE INSTRUCTORS to do the same, teaching their families, friends and students. Giving them a happy flower power feeling.
Do you need a break with Fresh Flower Power and homemade Luncheon in our wooden safe atelier?
Trendy Workshop will start again on September 20th with 6 students. The designs have been updated due the total different trend today.
September 20th Door open 9;30 start 10;00 till 16;00
A) Flower Powered Cylinder eco design with beautiful fresh flowers.
B) Mother Nature Object with wooden birds.
Your investment Y 30.000 inclusive all materials, teaching, luncheon, refreshments. First come first serve for 6 students. E-mail; info@dorien-flowerdesign.jp

# BLOEMIST LICENSE New text book – will be launched this autumn 2020!!
# Atelier got a refreshed image, all tables painted & coated & New Flooring!!
# YouTube Dorien Flower Design Every Thursday a new tutorial. I became a “YouTuber” and I Love it!!

Please subscribe to Dorien Flower Design YouTube channel, and on Instagram & FB hoping that this will help you a little bit in this difficult time. Will you please share this with your friends who may also love the flower power?

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power

Great Love for you, from Dorien Roling


リニューアルしたアトリエで、美味しいランチとフレッシュフラワーパワーを楽しんでみませんか?9月20日からTrendy Workshopはじまります。

9月20日(日)10:00 -16:00
A) フレッシュフラワーを使ったフラワーパワーあふれるシリンダーエコデザイン
B) 木のぬくもりのある鳥を使ったマザーネイチャーオブジェクト
受講料:¥30,000 花材費、資材費、ランチ込みです。定員は6名。定員になり次第締め切ります。E-mail: info@dorien-flowerdesign.jpまでお申し込みください。

# ブルーミストライセンス Newテキストブック2020年秋刊行!! # アトリエをリフレッシュしました。テーブルはすべてペンキ塗り直しして、フロアも新しく貼り直しました! # ドリーンフラワーデザインYouTubeチャンネルでは毎週木曜日に新しいビデオをアップしています。”YouTuber”デビューです。楽しいよ。

ドリーンフラワーデザインYoutubeチャンネル、Instagram, Facebookをフォローしてくださいね。心配ばかりのこの時期に、ちょっとだけフラワーパワーをお届けしています。みなさんにお友達や大事な人にも是非シェアしてください。



One Little Step

Dear Flower Lover,

How are you?
“Live Streaming” working from Home, talking with mama Ria, my family and friends in the Netherlands is now a daily activity.

The Question today is;
What kind of little step can you take every day what make you happy, stress out, reach your goal and learning new things?
Let me share my daily little steps for April;

1. Bloemist New text book – write text for each lesson 1-16
2. Live Streaming with our ADFA students.
3. Paint the atelier inside, (all tables I just did)!!!
4. Installed a new app for tracking my migraines. Learning new things and I am not alone on this platform 2 mill. Patients!!!
5. Spent 2 hours alone time out door, in the park, bicycling beside the river, walking near my house.

What can makes you happy right now? What do you like to learn? Are you claiming your Alone Time? Taking care of yourself is essential!!
Body – Mind and Spirit much be in good balance!! Only then we can be nice to others too.

Especially for you; we are posting everyday beautiful Flower Power Design on Instagram & FB hoping that this will help you a little bit in this difficult time. Please feel free to share this with your friends who may also love the flower power.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power

Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team 🌷🌹❤️

自宅での仕事、オランダにいるママ リア、家族、友達とのおしゃべりのライブストリーミングは日常の一部となりました。


私が4月にやりたい&毎日やっているちょっとしたことを教えちゃいます。 1. ブルーミストコースのテキストブックーレッスン1〜16までのテキストを書く
2. ADFAの生徒さんとのライブストリーミング
3. アトリエのペンキ(テーブルはもうやったよ!)
4. 私の偏頭痛を管理する新しいアプリをインストールしたら、そのプラットフォームには偏頭痛で悩んでる人がが200万人もいた!
5. 公園でのフリータイム、川沿いの道のサイクリング、うちの周りの散歩


みなさんに届くように; 毎日FacebookとInstagramに美しいフラワーパワーデザインをアップしています。今の状況の中、少しでも皆さんの癒しになりますように。

【ディプロマ DFA1】


Postponed & FLOWER POWER

Dear Flower Lover

I was so proud to announce that we have 20 students + our DPFD Dutch Professional Floral Design Association members to celebrate 🎉 our (A)DFA Diploma ceremony at the Netherlands 🇳🇱 embassy 14 April …..
But because of the corona virus they can only allow events with max 10 people ……till end of April 2020.
We will postpone our ceremony and hope the virus will calm down soon.
In the Netherlands all schools, restaurant, hairdressers end so on are closed.
Flower shops are very busy to deliver flowers- Dutch people love flowers what gives a relaxed atmosphere.
Let’s enjoy the ❤️ quiet moment ❤️connect with your friends moments ❤️Inside dialogue moment ❤️Let’s send out loving energy to all who suffer from this corona virus❤️.
Let’s focus on what we can do today, what can you do today?
Relax, Smile & Enjoy the Flower Power.

Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team 🌷🌹❤️



Tools 3

Dear Flower Lover

Tie rips is a very quick way to fix things together.
We are using this technique in the ADFA Advance Dutch Flower Arrangement course. You can fix the tie ripe with this special tool.
Please look on our FB for short demonstration how to use and the difference between this 2 tools.

Ps) Bought on-line: Blue ¥1.000 Gray ¥12.000.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love 💕 Dorien Roling Flower Power Team🌹🇳🇱❤️



Tools 2

Dear Flower Lover,

To enjoy fresh flowers as long as possible, professional Knowledge is essential.

No. 2) Florist Knife or pair of scissors?
I advice you to use a Florist knife for fresh flowers, you can make a very clean smooth sharp slanted cut, without damaging the inside stem.
For thick branches & strong stems I do advise to use a pair of scissors. You can cut the stem slanted. But for delicate flowers the stem will squeeze a bit / little damage what reduce the ease to uptake water. Especially when we use floral foam technique. Point: When we use floral foam technique I do recommend a florist knife- beside the slanted cut you also can cut the unwanted thicker parts. Please clean your tools after use.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team

【ディプロマ DFA1】


2020 ADFA/DFA 試験合格おめでとうございます!

2020年2月16日 世田谷市場会議室にて、オランダ国家認定資格ADFA/DFA試験を行いました。
ADFA 2名 合格
DFA 5名 合格



2020 ADFA/DFA 試験 FB Photo Album


3/14 (sat) DFAオープンスクール
3/15 (sun) ADFAオープンスクール
3/1 (sun) ブルーミストインストラクター1dayレッスン




Tools 1.

Dear Flower Lover

Good tools are essential and a pleasure for us professional Flower Designers to use;

1) Wire cutter
Especially used for cutting a bunch of wires while making a bridal bouquet wire technique.
Point: Cut the wire handle on the preferable length while making the bouquet- this makes it easier to cut the thick wires.

Relax, Smile and Enjoy the Flower Power.
Love 💕 Dorien Röling Flower Power Team🌹🇳🇱❤️



Marloes wedding bouquet

1) Where/ When to buy flowers?
Two days before the wedding took place I bought the flowers at the Aalsmeers flower auction market.

2) How to treat them?
Placed the flowers in clean buckets, removed the leaves ( no leaves in the water to avoid bacteria grow) Wrapped the flowers in newspapers to help them water uptake. Placed them in a cool dark room for few hours.

3) How to start making the waterfall bouquet ?
Clean table and day light is essential for me. And a big mirror to check the waterfall bouquet outline from different view point. Clean the stems, remove the leaves till the binding point. Massage and trim the materials in a natural waterfall shape. Place layer over layer like a real waterfall.

4) How to bind the bouquet- rope/tape?
Spiral technique has one binding point – I used natural rope. Clear tape is also a good option to fix the binding point.

5) How to use ribbon – pins?
The handle I covert with ribbon – same color as her wedding dress and fixed it with 3 pins.

6) How width the ribbon handle should be?
The handle should be the size of the brides hand, in case she wear gloves – that should not become dirty.

7) How to keep the flowers fresh one day?
This is a hand tied bouquet what can be placed in water during the day, and I used special coating spray to keep the bouquet fresh for one day.

8) How to take a photo?
After finishing I always taking photos – very important for my own record – using daylight and one color background. And I asked Marloes if she can send me some professional photos that I can use on my SNS. Lucky 🍀 she did send me!!!

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